2015: International Year of Light

  1. Special Symposium on "X-ray Microscopy and Magnetism"
    (organized by Hendrik Ohldag, Stanford)

    • Frithjof Nolting (SLS, Villigen)
      "X-PEEM studies of magnetic nanoparticles and oxide heterostructures"
    • Stefano Bonetti (Stockholm)
      "Imaging spin currents and spin waves at the nanoscale"
    • Guido Meier (Hamburg)
      "Transmission x-ray microscopy of magnetic nanostructures"
    • Andreas Schmid (LBNL, Berkeley)
      "PEEM and SPLEEM to investigate and tailor chiral magnetism"
  2. Special Session "Magnetism by Light"
    (organized by Andrzej Maziewski, Białystok)

    • Markus Munzenberg (Greifswald)
      "Ultrafast dynamics of spins and spin currents in magnetic storage and spintronic devices"
    • Andrei Kirilyuk (Nijmegen)
      "The role of exchange interaction in all-optical magnetic switching in thin films and multilayers"
    • Stephane Mangin (Nancy)
      "All-optical control of ferromagnetic thin films and nanostructures"

Thin film and multilayer magnetism

  • Tomasz Ślęzak (Kraków)
    "Resolving the complex spin structures with Nuclear Resonant Scattering"
  • Maciej Sawicki (Warszawa)
    "(Ga,Mn)N - an insulating ferromagnet: phase diagram and critical behaviour"

Surface and interface magnetism

  • Khalil Zakeri (Halle)
    "Probing of the magnetic exchange interaction at interfaces by magnon spectroscopy"
  • Henk Swagten (Eindhoven)
    "Novel ways to address interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions"

Spin-currents and spin-Hall effect

  • Axel Hoffmann (Argonne)
    "Magnetization dynamics driven by Spin-Hall effects"
  • Georg Woltersdorf (Halle)
    "Spin-Hall effect in metallic multilayers"
  • Kevin Garello (Zurich)
    "Ultrafast magnetization switching by spin-orbit torques"


  • David Cahill (Urbana)
    "Thermal spin transfer torque driven by ultrafast heat flow in metallic spin-valve structures"
  • Matthias Althammer (Garching)
    "Pure spin currents in ferromagnetic insulator / normal metal hybrids"


  • Silvia Tacchi (Perugia)
    "Brillouin Light Scattering studies of two-dimensional magnonic crystals"

Domains and domain walls

  • Geoffrey Beach (Cambridge)
    "Chiral domain walls in ultrathin films"

Magneto-electric and magneto-elastic effects

  • Takayuki Nozaki (Tsukuba)
    "Voltage-control of magnetic anisotropy: What's the next target?"

Skyrmions and vortices

  • Albert Fert (Paris)
  • Kirsten von Bergmann (Hamburg)
    "Interface-induced magnetic skyrmions studied with spin-polarized STM"

Graphen, topological insulators and related materials

  • Josef Barnaś (Poznań)
    "Spin-orbit effects in graphene and related 2D materials"

Antiferromagnetism and antiferromagnetic spintronics

  • Tomas Jungwirth (Prague)
    "Antiferromagnetic spintronics"

Nano and micromagnetism

  • Laura Heyderman (Villigen)
    "Recent advances in artificial ferroic systems"
  • Riccardo Hertel (Strasbourg)
    "Ultrafast domain wall dynamics in magnetic nanotubes and nanowires"

Molecular magnets and molecular spintronics

  • Peter Oppeneer (Uppsala)
    "Spin-bearing molecules on magnetic substrates: Theory of exchange interaction and spin switching"
  • Wolfgang Kuch (Berlin)
    "Controlling the magnetism of adsorbed metal-organic molecules"

Magnetic devices

  • Julie Grollier (Palaiseau)
    "Spin-torque nanodevices for bio-inspired computing"

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